Listen To Help is a campaign I designed during my time at BBH London.

Designing the world’s first global fundraising campaign on Spotify.

Sound Seekers, a charity dedicated to helping deaf and hearing impaired people in the developing world, wanted to drive fundraising among a young and digital native target audience.

The Listen to Help campaign aims to help those who can hear to raise money for those who can’t.

On Spotify, artists receive a royalty every time someone plays one of their songs, so we had the idea that if we could create a track without an artist to receive royalties, then the earnings would go directly to the charity.

The track called ‘Just Listen’, is a short 35 second track of a man describing the project’s uniquely simple fundraising mechanic. Just by listening to the track you have made a donation to Sound Seekers.

A campaign even Spotify’s founder, Daniel Ek, tweeted about.

The result? Listen to Help turned a medium for listeners into a medium to help support those who can’t hear, creating the world’s first global fundraising campaign on Spotify.


Client: Sound Seekers
Agency: BBH London
Creative Director: Pablo Marques
Creative Team: Pepe Borrás & Anders Teigene.
Creative Technologist: Luke Kidney
Producer: Jeremy Gleeson

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