Interactive Campaign for Greenpeace.


This is a campaign submitted to the Young Glory Awards, judged by AKQA’s Chief Executive Officer, Rei Inamoto.

The brief was to come up with an idea that would make people across the world turn an action into a habit. It could be:

  • Saving energy
  • Planting trees
  • Driving less
  • Etc

And to find an organization(s) of our choice – for-profit or non-profit – to work with in order to spread the action.


The sentence “please consider the environment before printing this email” is widespread accross our inboxes. We are aware that paper comes from cutting down trees, but we are not so aware that to power the Internet we also need to cut down trees. Therefore, with the Blind Carbon Copy campaign we want to say “please consider the environment before sending this email“.

To make a powerful statement, we created Blind Carbon Copy, a live e-mail signature that allows users to visualize the digital carbon footprint generated by their e-mail activity.


Creative Director: Pepe Borrás
Creative Team: Alissa Lorentz, Peter Samuelsen, Pierre Gomez
Design: Pepe Borrás

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