The other stats of the World Cup.

‘Meanwhile in Brazil’ is a data-driven visual newsfeed that contrasted daily on-pitch action with protests in the streets during the 2014 World Cup.

While the 2014 World Cup games in Brazil made headlines worldwide, little attention was given to the citizens protesting right outside the stadiums who considered the games to be a billion-dollar business happening at their expense.

The “Meanwhile in Brazil” project aimed to put the World Cup’s highlights in perspective, by comparing the stats gathered from inside and outside the stadiums: red cards versus arrests of protesters, stadium attendance versus demonstration attendance, player injuries versus injured activists, etc.

The ‘Meanwhile in Brazil’ project was featured in Creative Review, and put the social spotlight on the unfair play of the World Cup.


Creative Director: Pepe Borrás
Site Design & Development: Pepe Borrás
Art Director: Daniel Mascarenhas
Contributors: Sanne Bolten, Joao Nuno Valente, Roberto Gabián González

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Meanwhile in Brazil the other stats of the world cup

Meanwhile in Brazil

The other stats of the World Cup

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