Turning tweets into credits in a physical meets digital campaign.

Twitter Arcade lets visitors play with a tweet.


We developed a python script running in a Raspberry PI that crawls the Twitter API looking for the hashtag #WorketherArcade.

When a new tweet is found, it provides a 5V pulse to a custom board hot-wired to the arcade’s coin mechanism, resulting into a new credit.

We hosted lots of events at our office and we wanted more mentions on Twitter about it. We definitely nailed it with the Twitter Arcade.


Client: Workether
Agency: Workether
Creative Director: Pepe Borrás
Developer: Alberto García
Engineers: Mauro Rodríguez & Víctor Borrás

I am preparing a step-by-step guide of the process, with all you need to know in order to restore your old arcade and turn it into a Twitter Arcade. It will be posted soon.

Meanwhile you can, watch the video below:

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