Pepe Borrás

Interactive Creative Director

"I had the privilege to work with Pepe in several projects during our time as students at Hyper Island. He has a way to bring together a group of people, create a team and make everyone determined to aim high and not be afraid of thinking outside the famous box."

− Josefine Gustafsson, Marketing & Communication Coordinator at Hyper Island

"Pepe is ambitious, meticulous, and hard-working. He will go the limits to make sure an idea is creative and unique, all the while ensuring that projects stay on track and that deliverables are executed on time."

− Alissa Lorentz, Managing Editor Online Communications at Clariant

"I think Pepe is not only a talented creator, but also a passionate entrepreneur. I was impressed that he can lead production based projects, which need a lot of patience and sweat, to real business development skill in the real world."

− Kei Chun, CEO & Co-Founder of Tripvi

"When nobody talked about digital strategy he was already becoming an expert. He's one of the few creatives I know that embraced this tendency years ago and seamlessly made it a part of his daily routine."

− Jose Poyatos, Sales & Marketing Manager at Vinamericas, Inc.

"Before finishing Hyper Island he had already created Workether, nowadays a solid coworking space and digital creation reference in Valencia. I'm always expecting his next step with curiosity and admiration, please let me know!"

− Iker Múgica, Freelance Creative

Developed projects for:


As an alumni of Hyper Island (a.k.a “the Digital Harvard” – Robert Schwartz, Global Creative President, TBWA) I had the pleasure of working with top notch creatives from all over the world. That experience rewired my brain encouraging me to embrace the principle of lifelong learning: being constantly engaged, passionate and curious about the changing world, and to learn by doing.

My time at BBH London was incredibly valuable and helped me to refine my work process and outcomes. I worked with internationally awarded creative directors designing advertising campaigns for Google, British Airways, Audi, Persil, Dove, Virgin and KFC.


Just before graduating from Hyper Island I decided to launch my own business: Workether, one of the first international tech coworking spaces in Spain, which was also an Interactive Agency. In just over two years, Workether became the place to be for the local tech community, hosting some of the best events in town. We were also the reference for global brands, hosting events such as the Microsoft’s Megathon, NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge, Startup Weekend and the Red Bull Music Academy.

Workether’s local impact lead us to an active collaboration and joint development of different projects with the City of Arts and Sciences of ValenciaValencia’s Foundation for Innovation (Fundación InnDEA Valencia) and the Polytechnic University of Valencia.


As the Interactive Creative Director of Workether’s Digital Agency I lead a multidisciplinary team of developers, designers, journalists, marketers and engineers across projects, identifying creative opportunities, shaping strategy, and steering people and projects in the right direction. We applied different technologies in creative ways for projects and clients, such as interactive games hooking up bananas to a Makey Makey board for a French sailing event; an old arcade machine that lets you pay with a tweet thanks to a Raspberry Pi; and an elastic touchscreen built with a Kinect camera for a tech exhibition in Stockholm.

I’m also the founder of Makers VLC, the first Maker community in Valencia, to explore and innovate using different technologies such as 3D PrintingArduino, the Internet of ThingsRobotics and all sorts of blinking LEDs.

Featured Project

Meanwhile in Brazil

The other stats of the World Cup

‘Meanwhile in Brazil’ is a visual newsfeed that contrasts daily on-pitch action with protests in the streets during the 2014 World Cup.

The ‘Meanwhile in Brazil’ project aimed to put the World Cup’s highlights in perspective, comparing the stats gathered from inside and outside the stadiums: red cards versus civilian arrests, the stadium audience versus riot participants and so forth.

Fruit Hero Interactive Installation

Turning real vegetables into game controllers

Prince de Bretagne asked us to come up with an idea to make fruit fun for children at their international sailing event.

Client: La Route des Princes

Agency: Workether

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Interactive Installation for BBC

Using the Mindwave headseat to buzz celebrities

A project for a Channel 4 television show pilot.

Client: BBC

Agency: Nubito Technology

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Blind Carbon Copy

Interactive campaign for Greenpeace

A live e-mail signature that allows users to visualize the digital carbon footprint generated by their e-mail activity.

Client: Greenpeace (Personal Project)

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British Airways Print

Integrated print campaign for business travellers

A play on one of the most iconic travel items.

Client: British Airways

Agency: BBH London

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Listen to Help

The world’s first global fundraising campaign on Spotify

A project even Spotify’s founder, Daniel Ek, tweeted about.

Agency: BBH London

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Prototyping an elastic touchscreen

Featured at the 2011 Hyper Island’s Exploring Technology Exhibition.

Agency: Hyper Island Project

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Designing the Wrapping Paper of the Internet

Originally designed as an advertising campaign for Amazon, to encourage users to buy digital gifts.

Agency: Workether

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Twitter Arcade

A vintage arcade  you can play with a tweet

We hosted lots of events at our office and we wanted more mentions on Twitter about it.

Agency: Workether

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